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Watch out for cold callers pretending to be our repairs team


Some residents have reported that they’ve received phone calls from people offering surveys and treatments for mould and dampness on our behalf.

Published: 17/01/2024

We wouldn’t pass any details about your home to our contractors unless you’ve raised an inspection or repair request with us.  

What to do if you are contacted 

If you receive a phone call from anyone claiming to be acting on our behalf and are unsure, please end the call and contact us to check first. 

Stay safe  

We’ve also been made aware of potential scammers (toxic mould scammers) contacting households and offering free surveys to check for damp and mould. 

Scammers have sometimes used pressure tactics to trick individuals into paying an administration fee of £50 to £250, which they claimed was necessary to secure a government energy-efficiency grant.  

If anyone contacts you to offer this service - we haven’t asked them to do this. Please say no and contact us immediately so your Neighbourhood Manager can highlight this with your local community safety team and ensure your neighbours are aware. 

Other ways to protect yourself 

If you are cold called by phone and asked about Peabody repairs or free damp and mould surveys, you should end the call as quickly as possible.  

Do not give out personal information, particularly bank account, debit, or credit card.  

Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud, tricks and scams.  

How to report a repair 

If you need to report a repair or you’re experiencing damp and mould issues in your home, please contact us immediately on 0300 123 3456 or by using our request a repair or report damp, mould and condensation forms.  

Managing damp, mould or condensation in your home 

If you’re experiencing damp, mould or condensation issues in your home, please contact us immediately. We have a specialist team in place who can help.  

Visit damp, mould and condensation to learn more about keeping your home warm and damp-free. 


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