What we can offer young people

We provide opportunities for young people across London. We help them to develop new skills, make a difference to their community and gain the confidence and support to succeed in their lives.

Although we work closely with Peabody residents, our programmes are open to all young people aged between 11 and 25 years.

Young Leaders

Got an idea or want to do something in your community? Young Leaders provides £500 for young people aged 11 to 25 years so that they can develop their own projects, activities and events. You can do anything from podcasts and cooking workshops to tree-planting and spoken word, as long as your idea helps other people. You'll also have the opportunity to gain a Level 1 or 2 in Project Management.

You can apply as an individual or as part of a youth group

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Young Ambassadors

Working with youth groups, Ambassadors is an eight-week course helping groups of 16 to 25-year-olds to identify a challenge in their community and design a solution. The programme is focused on developing leadership, carrying out peer research and learning to  represent themselves. Young people have to present their plan to a pitching panel in a bid for a £1,000 grant to help make their solution happen. They can also gain a Level 2 qualification.

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Peabody Advisors

This is for 18 to 25-year-olds in London who are passionate about social action and working in the community sector. The programme develops new skills through training in design-centred thinking and applies these skills to solving a problem for Peabody.

Advisors will gain a Level 3 accreditation and be given a small grant to send on their training. They'll also shadow Peabody staff and may have the opportunity for paid work at Peabody.

Peabody Young People's Award

The Peabody Young People’s award is a celebratory event to showcase the incredible work our partners and young people do to make our communities healthier, wealthier and a happier place. 

This year, we will be recognising the hard work of several of these groups and individuals. Many of them have led on inspirational projects, volunteered in their communities and positively impacted our customers and communities.

Award categories

Please note that all awards are open to individuals or community groups who have worked with Peabody and Catalyst since 2020. All awards recognise young people under the age of 25, excluding from the Champion of Young People Award.

  • Young Leader of the year: recognises an individual who is taking the lead to make their communities better.
    • Judges will be looking for evidence of their commitment to improving their community whilst overcoming barriers. This could be challenges they’ve faced when leading a project or within their own personal life.
    • Individuals who have identified and tackled issues in the community.
  • Community Group of the year: celebrates a group of inspiring individuals who have helped to improve people's lives or their communities.
    • Judges will be looking for evidence of commitment to improving their community.
    • Community groups that have identified and tackled one or more issues.
    • Groups who have empowered young people to create change.
  • Champion of Young People: recognises an individual, over the age of 25, who has supported young people to achieve, excel and believe in themselves.
    • Judges will be looking at how this individual has supported and empowered young people to create change. It could be youth workers, teachers, staff, volunteers etc. Anyone over the age of 25 who has shown commitment to young people and passion for youth empowerment.
  • Volunteer of the Year: recognises an individual or group who makes a difference by giving up their time to support their neighbours and local community.
    • Judges will be looking for evidence of individuals who have volunteered to make positive impacts in the community. This can be working alongside youth clubs, at schools, within their local communities etc.
  • Inspirational impact: recognises a project that has created an inspirational impact in the community.
    • Judges will be looking at projects led by young people which have had a meaningful impact in the community. This can be a long term or short term project. Judges want to know why it was impactful, rationale for the project design, who took part and what has it led them to do.

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Our projects

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Threads is a fashion and textile project for girls aged nine and over aimed at teaching them new skills that heighten aspirations, increase employability and raise self-esteem.
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Young people in Waltham Forest

The Youth Service in Waltham Forest works with our communities to support young people's personal and social development.

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