How to swap your Peabody home

If you feel you need to move homes to a new location or a different type of property, you can apply to swap your current Peabody home.

You can swap it for another Peabody home or one that's managed by another housing association or council. The process is sometimes known as mutual exchange.

If you have a secure or assured (lifetime) tenancy with us, you can swap your home with another Peabody resident, a tenant of another housing association, or a council tenant. (Please note, this doesn’t apply to former Crown Estate homes.)

You can’t exchange with someone in private rented accommodation.

You’ll need written permission from us before you arrange to move. And your exchange partner will need written confirmation from their landlord too.

To find out more see our Mutual Exchange Policy. (pdf, 308kb)

How to apply:

  • Find someone to swap with. You can use these websites to help you:
  • House Exchange – a national scheme with a live database and email alerts.
  • Homeswapper – a website with filtering options to help you find the perfect match.
  • Once you’ve found someone, contact us and we’ll take you through the next stage of the process.

How to apply to swap your Peabody home