We've set up a resident-led strategic panel to make sure your views are heard. The panel is made up of a group of residents from across our regions and local communities.  

The panel will work with our resident engagement team to help improve services and performance. This could be anything from helping to make strategic policy decisions and exploring potential improvements to services to what goes on in local neighbourhood groups and activities. 

The first step to achieving this will be to work with members from Peabody Voice to put together smaller working groups that look at specific areas and services requiring improvement.  

Join Peabody Voice 

Our resident engagement team regularly updates members of Peabody Voice on what's happening across all our regions. Being part of Peabody Voice is a great way to keep updated on our new resident-led panel's work and be one of the first to learn about future engagement activities and opportunities. 

Contact get.involved@peabody.org.uk to join Peabody Voice and get involved today. 

Why we've changed the way you get involved 

Our resident-led panel is a recommendation of the co-design action group - a group set up in the summer of 2023 to work with residents to help improve how we engage with you. 

Thanks to your input, the co-design group gave five recommendations for improving our approach to engaging with you. The resident-led strategic panel was the first of these recommendations. 

The action group also created a charter of commitments and presented a report outlining their recommendations to our Customer Experience Committee (CEC). You can learn more about the co-design action group's five recommendations on our customer engagement platform – The Garden. 

Visit The Garden 

Read the action group’s full report