Making sure your home is safe and well looked after

Our aim is to provide great housing. However, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. When this happens, we’ll do our best to address any issues as quickly as we can.

Here’s a quick guide to what to do if something goes wrong.

If you can smell gas, see electric sparks or have been flooded, call the following numbers right away:

  • Smell gas?
    Call 0800 111 9999

  • Electric sparks?
    Call 0800 0224040

  • Flooding?
    Call 0800 022 4040

If you’re a social tenant, you can request a repair.  

You can do this quickly and easily online. If it’s urgent please call us.

Woman sitting with cup and phone

Request a repair

Find out how to request a repair. You can do this online, through your My Peabody account or by calling us. If it’s urgent you need to call.
Man fixing

Who’s responsible for repairs?

Find out who’s responsible for repairs in your home and whether we’ll fix the issue or if you need to sort it yourself.
Woman painting a wall

Home improvements

Find out more about what improvements and changes you can make to your Peabody home. And what you need to do before you start any work.
Toilet in bathroom

Aids and adaptations

Find out how we help our residents live independently by adapting their homes or installing aids such as handrails or special taps.
Chemical canister

Pest control

Find out what to do if you have a problem with pests in your Peabody home.