Helping us maintain high property standards

As well as your mortgage repayments, there are also other charges you’ll need to pay such as ground rent and service charges.

We use these to help us maintain high property standards. So it’s important that you pay all charges due. 

Net rent

If you’re a shared owner who owns part of your home and rents the rest, you’ll need to pay rent. The amount will vary depending on the percentage of the property you own. It will increase annually based on the RPI in accordance with your lease.

Ground rent

As a resident you’ll need to pay ground rent to your landlord. It’s a specific requirement of your lease agreement and must be paid on the due date. See your lease for more details.

Service charges

All residents, both leaseholders and freeholders, pay a yearly service charge. This goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of your building and communal areas in and around your block. Exactly how much you pay and what you get in return is written in your lease.

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