We're committed to providing quality homes and services that put our residents at the heart of everything we do. 

Our Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) results help us understand what we’re doing well and where we need to improve.

What are TSMs? 

In April 2023, the Regulator for Social Housing introduced Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs). These help us to understand how well we’re serving you and where we need to improve. They include: 

  • 12 resident satisfaction measures  

  • 10 performance measures 

The 10 performance measures were taken from residents who are renting, and those living in low-cost home ownership accommodation. These are mainly our "shared owner" residents.

We've set out our combined results below. 

Our 2023-24 results:

Overall satisfaction

We’re committed to getting the basics right. We’re listening to residents, investing in our homes and communities and taking action to deliver better locally focused services.

Overall satisfaction: 52.4% 


We’re working with residents to create local plans and with the police and local authorities to address issues.

Feel we make a positive impact in your neighbourhood: 53.8% 



We've worked with over 5,000 residents to find out what really matters to you.

Feel your voice is heard: 45% 


This year we completed over 250,000 repairs, but we need to do better. We're investing £1 million daily in home improvements.

62.6% of you are satisfied with repairs 


Last year, we spent £64m to improve the fire safety of our buildings. We listened to 500 residents in 12 high-rise buildings to shape the way we engage you in the safety of your buildings.

Satisfied with home maintenance: 60.9% 


We’re aiming to respond to 80% of complaints within 10 days by next year.

Satisfied with complaint handling: 24.3% 

What do our results tell us? 

We know from your feedback that we need to provide a better repairs service, invest in residents' homes and improve how we handle complaints.  

Our results show we have work to do, but we're headed in the right direction.  We’re listening and are committed to investing in your homes and taking action to deliver better, more locally focused services. We'll continue reporting our progress to you throughout the year.

What we're doing to improve 

  1. Improving our repairs service
  2. Investing in existing homes
  3. Improving how we handle complaints
  4. Delivering better, locally focused services

Repairs and maintenance


Keeping properties in good repair 

For residents living in our rented homes:

  • 62.6% satisfied with our overall repairs service over the last 12 months.

  • 60.5% satisfied with the time taken to complete your most recent repair. 

  • 60.9% satisfied that we provide a home that is well maintained.

Repairs performance:

  • 0.2% of homes do not meet the Decent Homes Standard.

  • 65.6% of emergency repairs completed on time.

  • 69.3% of non-emergency repairs completed on time. 

You said: 

  • "I have had some issues with maintenance work which was meant to be carried out to the property. It has not been carried out for three years.”

We did: 

  • Completed over 250,000 repairs this year.

  • Spending £1 million each day to improve and maintain your homes.

  • Total investment: £2 billion over the next 5 years.

We're doing:

  • Working to deliver a better repairs service that's responsive and reflects local needs.

  • Focusing on contractor performance to support our local repairs service.

  • Checking for any unusual trends each month so we can fix problems quickly.

Maintaining building safety

Building safety

  • 67.3% satisfied that their home is safe.

  • 98.3% gas safety checks completed.

  • 99% fire safety checks completed.

  • 93.8% asbestos safety checks completed.

  • 96.3% water safety checks completed.

  • 95.2% lift safety checks completed.

You said:

  • I live in a high-rise block of flats. What are you doing to keep my building safe?

We did:

  • Updated safety policies for high-rise buildings to get ready for the new Building Safety Act in April 2024.

  • We completed 3,514 fire risk assessments and checked communal doors in over 1,100 blocks.

  • Improved systems to manage safety better and brought all our maintenance contractors onto one system for better and faster service.

  • Listened to 500 residents in 11 high-rise blocks, before developing building safety engagement strategies for 256 other high-rise buildings.

We're doing:

  • Investing in your homes and buildings to keep you safe.

  • We’ve almost completed assessments on all medium and high-rise buildings (11 meters/five storeys or higher).

Responsible neighbourhood management


  • 60.7% satisfied with us keeping communal areas clean and well maintained. 

  • 25.3 antisocial behaviour cases per 1,000 homes. 

  • 53.8% satisfied that we make a positive contribution to your neighbourhood.

  • 50.4% residents satisfied with our approach to handling antisocial behaviour.

  • 2,362 reports of antisocial behaviour received this year 
    0.4 antisocial behaviour cases that involve hate incidents per 1,000 homes.

You said:

  • I'm experiencing issues with a neighbour, can you help me?

We did:

  • Worked closely with neighbourhood managers to handle antisocial behaviour and nuisance issues.

  • Ran a series of after-dark walkabouts in local neighbourhoods in partnership with the police to better understand some of the problems.

  • We provided new technology for our teams to report and track issues while out and about.

  • We made it easier to know your local contacts, and set up local surgeries where you can speak with your Neighbourhood Manager.

  • Our Estate teams are joining Neighbourhood Managers on walkabouts to discuss our services.

We're doing:

  • For serious or ongoing problems, our community safety specialists will work with you to create an action plan.

  • If necessary, we’ll refer you to the police or one of our specialist partners for further support.

Respectful and helpful resident engagement


  • 45% satisfied that we listen to your views and act on them.

  • 61.8% satisfied that we keep you informed about things that matter to you.

  • 61.5% feel that we treat you fairly and with respect.

You said:

  • “It’s very difficult to get through on the phone. I have to go through lots of different options and often end up at the wrong one, having to start again. This process could be made easier.”

We did:

  • Made changes to our contact centre based on feedback from focus groups with 30 residents, including adjusted hours and phone system updates.

  • Engaged with 5,000+ residents on key issues.

  • Residents helped select new repairs contractors.

  • Held 53 resident meetings, 59 focus groups, four listening events, 18 projects on our online platform The Garden, and 22 meetings with resident action groups.

  • Set up a new resident-led panel to shape our approach.

We're doing:

  • Making it easier for residents to contact us and reducing the time it takes to get through to our Contact Centre.

  • Promoting My Peabody, which allows you to book and track repairs, view statements, make payments, and more at a time that’s convenient for you. Over 33,280 people (30% of all households) are now registered. We’ve had great feedback and are looking to help more residents register and use the service.

Managing complaints


We know we need to do better.

We're doing: 

  • Expanding our complaints team 

  • Implementing 80+ improvements based on your feedback 

  • Prioritising damp and mould cases 

  • Aiming to respond to 80% of stage one complaints within 10 days by next year

About the survey 

8,446 residents across the Peabody Group, including Town & Country Housing, were interviewed for the survey to find out how satisfied you are with our services. Thank you to everyone that took part in these. 

We use an independent research company, called The Leadership Factor (TLF) to gather feedback from our residents. This helps us understand how residents feel we are performing so we know what to focus on and continue to improve.  

We followed the Regulator’s guidelines to make sure our surveys represent the diversity of residents we serve. 

We’ll benchmark our results with other housing associations and tell you how we compare in Autumn 2024, when the Regulator of Social Housing publishes this. 

We’ve already started our 2024-25 TSM survey. If you receive a call, we’d love your feedback. It only takes a few minutes.

Watch this video which explains more about TSMs

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