Setting out who is responsible for what

If you own your property and pay service charges and/or ground rent, you’re likely to own your property with a lease. Most flats are owned with a lease, as are some houses bought through the shared ownership scheme.

The lease is a contract between you and Peabody which gives you the ownership of the property for a fixed period of time. The lease sets out our responsibilities as your landlord and your responsibilities as the tenant.


If you’re a leaseholder or a shared owner, your lease agreement will give you the right to live in your property for a specified length of time. It will set out your responsibilities as a leaseholder and ours as the freeholder. It will also outline the circumstances where we can end your lease.

You may be able to extend or change your lease. If you want to do this, or to make alterations or improvements, sell or sublet your home or end your lease, you’ll need to follow special procedures, some of which are set by law.

As a leaseholder, you’ll have to pay ground rent each year and a service charge. If you need more information, see the leasehold property page on the government website.  

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If you’re a freeholder, your transfer agreement will set out your responsibilities and the services charges you’ll need to pay.

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