This charter outlines the actions and expectations we want Peabody colleagues to commit to and embrace

  1. Residents are at the core of everything that Peabody does. 
  2. Resident engagement is a cultural commitment, not an add-on. Peabody will set out how it will demonstrate that commitment to residents.
  3. Peabody will capture and share outcomes and impact from engagement to demonstrate how they’ve used resident feedback. 
    - Peabody will demonstrate how it hears and responds to resident voice in its decision-making and ensure it hears the seldom heard. 
  4. Peabody will have a resident engagement offer that includes:
    - Engagement standards, support, and opportunities.
    - Clearly defined activities that demonstrate the amount of commitment (such as time and methods) expected from residents.
    - Consultation on upcoming engagement activities with residents from Peabody Voice to establish their interest in a particular group or role.
    - Open offers to all residents when necessary, using:

    a. All available communication channels.
    b. Feedback from recent complaints.
    c. Recommendations from local teams about potentially interested residents.
  5. Peabody will set out a local offer, including available roles, contact details for your local housing team, and the core principles for their neighbourhood plans.
  6. Peabody will develop regional forums for residents, with the support of the East Forum and other interested residents.
  7. Peabody is transparent about monitoring performance with residents from all tenures and will go beyond the Tenant Satisfaction Measures Standard.
  8. Peabody welcomes resident influence and scrutiny of policy, strategy and services and supports resident-led activities.
  9. A resident-led panel will monitor all resident engagement and maintain all engagement and voice activity. Peabody will support this panel, helping them to oversee all resident working groups.
  10. A commitment throughout all resident engagement activities and groups to equity, equality, diversity, and inclusion.

What do you think? 

Do you like our charter, and does it reflect how you feel?

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