How to apply to swap your Peabody home

Please fill out the form below if you'd like to swap your current Peabody home for another property. If you have an outstanding debt with us, you can only apply for a swap if:

  • You receive housing benefit which is paid in arrears.
  • You have an agreement to pay the debt and this has been in place for  a minimum of 12 weeks during which you have been successfully keeping up payments.

Want to check your rent balance? 

Contact Peabody Direct: 0800 022 4040 or 020 7021 4444. Or login to access your account.

Priority Housing Application Form

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Please note that you'll need to provide copies of identification, eg marriage certificate, passport, birth certificate for each person.

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Where you would most like to live

Please note: Very few properties are available for transfer and, if you are successful, we may only be able to offer a limited choice. Please list up to five boroughs you would most like to live in.

If needed, please give your reason

Your current circumstances

Please tell us about any welfare benefit changes. Please note that you must provide relevant proof of your housing benefit entitlement. For example, a copy of your letter from the local authority, or the Department of Work and Pensions.

Tell us about any personal difficulties and health issues that you are experiencing

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