As we'll be rehousing residents living on the old estate in the new Burridge Gardens, we have split the regeneration into three phases.

Aerial view of building plans

Phase 1: November 2013 - April 2016

  • Peabody Phase 1 Gate

    The phase also delivered public art celebrating the local history of the area.

    The site was formerly home to the Royal Masonic School and one of the buildings includes a pineapple motif. We have included the same pineapple design as a feature in the new gates, seen below, and the pineapple design will also be part of the balconies of Phase 2.

  • Peabody Phase 1 Sculpture

    We commissioned Rodney Harris and Valda Jackson to deliver beautiful brick sculptures across the new development to celebrate the local area.

    The themes across the phases are past (Phase 1), present (Phase 2) and the future (Phase 3).

Phase 2: December 2019 - June 2023

  • Peabody John Building

    Phase 2 started on site in December 2019 and will deliver 198 affordable new homes, an extra care scheme, a new community centre (below), a wildflower garden and a central open space including play equipment.

  • Arial view of buildings

    Residents living in the old St John’s Hill blocks who did not move into Phase 1 of the new development will have the opportunity to move into new homes in Phase 2.

    Designed by Hawkins\Brown Architects, there will be 54 homes for social rent in the extra care scheme and 35 shared ownership homes to help people onto the housing ladder.

    We have appointed John Sisk & Son Ltd to build the second phase of our regeneration project

  • Peabody Sj Sisk

    Plot 2 - This will be the new community centre and extra care scheme

    Plot 6 – This will include 50 homes for social rent

    Plot 9 – This will include 94 homes for social rent and shared ownership. There will also be a central open space providing play equipment.

Coming up in Phase 3: 2023-2026

We are working with for the third and final phase of the St John’s Hill Burridge Gardens regeneration.

We are revisiting the approved plans for Phase 3 and are consulting with residents and other stakeholders as part of our review of the design, height, landscaping and commercial space of the development. 

As part of our review of Phase 3, we're aiming to deliver:

  • Greater community-led use of ground floor spaces – we want to increase community ownership and opportunities for socialising at ground floor level.
  • Improved landscaping including increased planting in Danvers Avenue, putting people and cycling first.
  • Reconsidered locations of building cut-throughs to improve safety.
  • Proposals to add two storeys to part of plot three, and one storey to the remainder of this plot to provide more homes.

Visit our consultation website

Find out more about Phase 3 and have your say:

The approved plans include 248 one-, two- and three-bedrooms homes, with 217 homes for private sale and 31 homes for shared ownership. If you would like to register an interest in these new homes for sale then please do so through our website.

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