Meet the people working on St John's Hill/Burridge Gardens.



Landscape architects:

Farrer Huxley Associates


We have appointed John Sisk & Sons to build the second phase of  the St John’s Hill estate regeneration project. Sisk is a family company that was founded in 1859, which makes it about the same age as Peabody (founded 1862). Sisk took possession of the site at the end of January 2020. Sisk also built phase 1, delivering 153 award-winning homes (73 of which were affordable). Phase 2 provides 198 homes which will all be affordable and a new community centre.

Sisk contact details (for the St Johns Hill /Burridge Gardens site):
Sarah Wright, Community Liaison Officer
Phone: 07733 488120
Twitter: @Siskgroup

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Peabody contact details (general enquiries):
Julie Conrad, Resident Support Manager
Phone: 07738 804 647
Peabody sales website:

Phased delivery - the story so far

St John's will be built in three phases. Phase two began in December 2019 and will deliver 198 affordable new homes and a new community centre.

Adding social value

How we're working with - and making a difference to - the local community.

About St John's

St John's is a 1930s estate near Clapham Junction in Wandsworth.