Welcome to FM residents

Providing more homes, better services and investing more in our local communities

Peabody and Family Mosaic merged to create a new housing group called Peabody in July 2017 so that we can do more together than we could alone. On 29 March 2018, we combined Peabody, Family Mosaic and Gallions into a single, new housing association called Peabody.

What does this mean for residents?

Combining the three landlords into one simplifies our group structure, meaning we can concentrate on:

  • Providing residents with reliably good modern services.
  • Investing in our local communities to help them thrive, and
  • Building and maintaining great quality homes

If you have been a resident of Peabody, Family Mosaic or Gallions, your tenancy agreement will remain the same but move across to the new organisation. The way your rent is set stays the same and so do your rights and responsibilities.

Peabody South East

We also created a subsidiary called Peabody South East for our homes outside Greater London, covering Essex, Hampshire, Kent and Sussex. If your landlord has changed to Peabody South East, your tenancy or lease, the way your rent is set and your rights and responsibilities all remain the same as before.

Our website and social media

As Family Mosaic, Gallions and Peabody have combined to become one new organisation, we now have this single website for all our customers. Why not take a look around? (Our new Care and Support section is here.) The same goes for social media: you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Contacting us

The way you contact us remains the same, nothing’s changed there.