Your new resident-led strategic panel is now up and running with nine resident members who will help you have more of a say in how we improve our services.

Published: 12/02/2024

As part of their induction in January, they met with our executive team to discuss their priorities and aims. After that, they’ll work together with our resident engagement team to help improve services and performance. This could be anything from helping to make strategic policy decisions and exploring potential improvements to services, to what goes on in local neighbourhoods.  

The resident-led panel is part of our wider plan to deliver what residents really want. But it isn’t the only way residents have been getting more involved with Peabody. Over the past few months, we’ve consulted with residents on a wide range of issues, including the effectiveness of our contact centre, the safety of high-rise buildings and the process of reporting complaints. 

Visit our resident engagement platform - The Garden and read future editions of Peabody magazine to learn more about these group discussions and how your feedback is shaping improvements to our services, both locally and strategically.  

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