Requesting personal data

How do I make a freedom of information request?

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides the public to access information about services provided by public authorities, such as a local authority. Please note Peabody is not a public authority and is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act.

How do I make a request for CCTV footage?

We will treat this request as we would any request for personal information. This will mean that we can only release CCTV information of you and no-one else.

For data protection reasons, we cannot provide any information that relates to any third party or footage that does not include you. Footage including any other person would have to be removed.

Please note that for criminal matters it is the police who has to request the footage.

How do I request my personal information from you?

You can request your personal information in several ways:

  1. Contact us by phone.
  1. Write to us.
  1. Contact us online

In any case, please tell us exactly what information you would like and for what time period.

If you make your request by post or online, please provide identification along with your request so that we can be confident we are releasing your personal information to you only.

This can be anything with proof of your name and proof of address such as a current passport, current UK or EEA photocard driving licence, benefits book, or letter from benefits agency, council tax bill, or any gas, or electric bill from the last 3 months.

What happens after I have made a request for my personal information?

The Data Protection team will acknowledge your request within three-five days. At this point they may ask for further details or clarification, then we have 30 calendar days days in which to provide you with the information that you have requested.


Can I give someone permission to act on my behalf?

Yes, however we will require you to complete and return a third party consent form so that we can be confident that you have authorised them to contact us.

If you would like us to send you a form please request it on 0300 456 2099.

You can return the completed form to us at online or by post.

What is your Cookie Policy?

For details on how we use cookies, please see our cookies policy.

Why am I getting calls about the services provided by Peabody?

This is part of our service improvement efforts: we employ an agency to carry out surveys about the services we provide you with.

The surveys are done over the phone with a random selection of customers. We have arranged for customers to be contacted only once within a six month period, regardless of how many services we have provided you with.  Only on exceptional cases our overall service questionnaire may happen close to a service satisfaction survey.

The results from the surveys are used to identify areas of improvement and address any issues that may impact on our customer’s satisfaction.

If you have any queries or concerns about these calls please contact us.

Will you accept a consent form emailed without a signature?

Ideally, any consent form sent by email, post or handed in should have a handwritten or electronic signature.

However, since Covid-19, we appreciate not all customers will have access to printing/scanning facilities. Therefore, if a consent form is completed without an electronic or handwritten signature, we will accept the form if:

  • The email address where the consent form is sent from matches the registered email address on our system.
  • A copy of the lead resident’s ID has been submitted with the email where the consent form has been sent.
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