We have a long history of providing affordable homes and community services in Islington, working alongside Islington Council and local partners.

Our work in the borough extends back to 1865 when we built the Islington Estate in Angel. This was the second estate constructed by Peabody and is the oldest still in our ownership. In 1996, several buildings on the estate were designated as Grade II listed buildings by the Department of National Heritage because of their historical significance.

Brown building

The Clerkenwell Estate in the early 20th century

We currently own and manage around 5,400 homes in Islington. The majority of these homes are at social rent level. Since Peabody merged with Family Mosaic in 2017, we have invested over £100m in Islington to build 347 new homes. 64% of these are new social rented homes for people on Islington Council’s housing waiting list. This does not include work on the Holloway Prison site, which is currently underway.

Brown building
Whitecross Street in St Luke’s in the early 20th century

Current homes or estates in Islington that we manage

  • The Clerkenwell Estate, Clerkenwell
  • Roscoe Street, St Luke’s
  • Alleyn House, St Luke’s
  • Whitecross Street, St Luke’s
  • Percy Circus, Pentonville
  • Pollard House, King’s Cross
  • Fife Terrace, King’s Cross
  • Stuart Mill House, King’s Cross
  • Priors Estate, King’s Cross
  • Bonnington House, King’s Cross
  • Wharfdale Road, King’s Cross
  • Grimaldi House, King’s Cross
  • Priory Green Estate, King’s Cross
  • OM Richards Estate, King’s Cross
  • Wynford Estate, King’s Cross
  • Muriel Street, King’s Cross
  • The Islington Estate, Angel
  • City Forum, Angel
  • Almeida Post Office, Islington
  • Caledonian Road, Holloway
  • Seven Sisters Road, Holloway

White buildings

Roscoe Street in St Luke’s after the estate was rebuilt in the early 1950’s

We continue to invest in the maintenance of homes and in the local community. In 2019, we spent £7.4m on maintaining Peabody homes in Islington, including investing in new kitchens and bathrooms, external decorations and windows. One of our more recent schemes includes Wharf Road, which sits on the basin of Regent’s Canal in Angel. Designed by Islington-based award winning architects PTE, the £50m development provides a mix of family-sized houses and 1 and 2 bed flats set around a new courtyard and play area that is accessible to all residents. The site has delivered 80% affordable housing. This includes 64 new homes for social rent, 15 for shared ownership and 19 for private sale.

Outdoor space with beige buildings
Wharf Road in Angel

Prison history

Holloway Prison opened in 1852 as a mixed-sex prison but became a female-only prison due to a growing demand for space for female prisoners.

The project team

Our design team have extensive experience in delivering complex projects that meet the needs of communities and stand the test of time.

The Women’s Building

The Women’s Building is a unique element of our development proposals and links to the site’s history and previous use.