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Providing hope to young people and families struggling with the cost of food.

Published: 16/07/2021

We recently awarded Florence Emakpose £500 from our Community Leaders programme for 'World of Hope,' which is supporting up to 300 families struggling with the cost of food in Abbey Wood. Florence used the funding to buy culturally relevant food for 20 families. Often these families don't qualify for government aid or can't afford food after paying private landlords rent.

Florence said: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, I started delivering food parcels. I received calls for food from people saying they had children but didn’t have the food to feed them. My cupboard is always full of food and people came to me knowing this. I dropped food directly to the families and to keep doing this, I approached Peabody for help.

“It takes the whole team and their contribution to put the food bank together. I am grateful for all the funding I have received.”

She first set up World of Hope in 2006 when she used to live in Peckham in London, which had high levels of youth crime. World of Hope aims to deliver hope to young people aged between five and 21. Over the years the organisation has grown and is now supporting young people in Southwark, Greenwich, Lambeth and Lewisham, and providing transition support services for young people who have come to the UK to settle through mentoring opportunities.

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