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Peabody and Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) have launched a new approach to responsive repairs and maintenance in partnership with Plentific.

Published: 27/07/2020

Alongside Notting Hill Genesis, we have been running trials of a new repairs process where repairs are booked using local contractors via a web portal. The portal has been developed by property technology company Plentific.

Interested contractors, who have all been vetted and screened, bid and compete for individual jobs via this online platform. They are not charged a subscription or licensing fee to use the system and residents will subsequently be able to rate the work done.

So far, this new process has been very successful, driving down the average time it takes to get a repair completed and increasing customer satisfaction:

  • Over 43,500 jobs were carried out by 470 contractors during the trial and customer satisfaction levels reached almost 90%.
  • During lockdown, over 10,000 jobs were completed using the system with an average 7-day turnaround

Next steps

Initially this solution will be extended to the circa 106,000 properties in the London and Essex regions covered by Peabody and Notting Hill Genesis. We will also review all of our current contracts and work with residents to agree a new NHG repair standard. 

This joint venture partnership also means that other associations and organisations can save time and upfront procurement costs by accessing the system.

Ashling Fox, Chief Operating Officer at Peabody said:
"The idea is firstly to provide choice and control to residents, enabling them to rate and select contractors themselves using the Plentific platform. Customer satisfaction using the system so far is close to 90%. Self-employed, skilled residents can bid for work themselves, and we've already seen hundreds of smaller, local tradespeople and businesses delivering quality responsive repairs in and around our homes.

"We think this is a valuable contribution to local businesses and economies. The system has enabled us to carry out thousands of jobs during lockdown to a high standard and we think this will be an excellent part of the mix in delivering modern, high-quality repairs services quickly and efficiently."

Elly Hoult, Group Director of Assets for Notting Hill Genesis, said:
"The digital marketplace is the cornerstone of our pledge to improve our repairs service and provide better opportunities for residents to self-serve. This will give them greater choice and control over who carries out work on their home and when that happens, as well as supporting the economy by helping smaller and independent contractors work with us to deliver a better local service”

More about the new platform

This DPS Marketplace framework will encourage diversity of size and specialism for contractors. It will allow them to work for national organisations or local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), enabling further expansion and competition outside their geographic area.

Housing associations, local authorities, ALMOS, the education sector and health providers will be able to access this solution from September.

Cem Savas, CEO and Co-founder at Plentific said:
"Plentific’s expertise in PropTech facilitates the dynamic DPS Marketplace. The trials with Peabody and Notting Hill Genesis have shown that our system brings substantial benefits. It can dramatically improve customer satisfaction levels, speed up repairs, lower costs for clients, and help support small and medium-sized businesses.

“Access for both Housing Associations and contractors is free and no additional OJEU compliance is needed. We think this can be a solution for the housing sector and beyond."

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