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The final stage in the merger between Catalyst and Peabody has taken place today and we’ve become a new single organisation –  Peabody, with over 104,000 homes and around 220,000 residents across London and the Home Counties. 

Published: 03/04/2023

Our new organisation is all about getting closer to our residents by taking a local approach. And we will make sure we focus on what our residents, tell us matters the most.

Our new regional structure means that we will have even more locally focused teams, allowing us to better serve the communities in which we operate. We are committed to delivering an enhanced and easily accessible repairs service, and over the next three years, we will invest in planned maintenance and retrofit projects to make our homes more energy efficient.

We believe in creating strong and inclusive communities. We will continue to work with councils and communities to promote economic inclusion, tackle inequality and poverty, and prioritise wellbeing. Click here to find out how we can support you.

Peabody Chief Executive, Ian McDermott, said:  

“Today we are setting out our absolute commitment to our residents. By combining a new locally focused operating model with better technology and data driven services, we’re determined to boost resident satisfaction for the long-term.” 

Elly Hoult, Peabody’s new Chief Operating Officer, added:  

“Our new ways of working will allow us to foster a truly people-first culture, with every team focused on helping residents, their families and communities. I will be focused on transforming our services, supporting regional managing directors in their local areas and ensuring that residents are at the heart of every decision we make. This means listening to them, learning from them and delivering what they need.” 

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