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Our new Hospital Discharge Service in Hackney

Lowri House garden

Lowri House is our new hospital discharge in Hackney for people who are ready to leave hospital but don’t have anywhere to live.

Published: 27/01/2022

It provides a safe and comfortable home for six people at a time, and they can stay there for up to six weeks. Catherine Austin, the Service Manager said: “Lowri House will give people a place to feel safe in and get their new lives on track. They’ll arrive with no home and leave with somewhere to live, and all the skills they need to manage successfully. We’re helping people change their lives.”

Our Support Workers help them gain new skills and confidence during their stay, so they can avoid experiencing homelessness again. They receive personalised support with anything from budgeting to finding employment, daily living skills, applying for benefits and getting training.

Providing a safe home

When they arrive, we find out what support they need and help them make a plan so they can meet their goals. We also work with others to find a more permanent home to live in, once they’re ready to move on.

The building was fully refurbished before it opened and we had new furniture brought in to make it comfortable. The kitchen was also redone.

“We stocked all the cupboards and made the beds with fresh sheets and will do this before each new arrival. We just want it to feel really homely and welcoming,” added Catherine.

As well as helping the people who live there, Lowri House will support the NHS, by freeing up hospital beds so they can care for more people. It was opened following the success of Gloria House, a similar scheme that we manage in Hackney. Since 2017, Gloria House has helped 131 people move into more permanent homes. It saves the NHS £600 per night on average, which has amounted to approximately £3.3 million in total.

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