Painting from exhibition

How the pandemic inspired residents to open an art exhibition.

Published: 21/08/2020

Many people have found a creative outlet during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was certainly the case for residents of Chelsea Gardens and Wellington Buildings who recently held an art exhibition of their work in the Old Rent Office Gallery.

The exhibition, called "Now is the time!", was inspired by lockdown with the aim to boost morale and build community spirit during these challenging times. It was sponsored and hosted by the Chelsea Wellington Residents Association in collaboration with the Cavespace Art Trail and the South West Festival.

Lots of talented local artists submitted their work to be displayed.

The exhibition was a great success (social distancing was observed throughout). Resident and artist Samia said: "The exhibition was really well received and visited despite lockdown. We hope to organise and continue to come up with new ideas in the hope to build our community spirit."

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