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This year's theme is the importance of friendships during the lockdown.

Published: 17/06/2020

Now more than ever many people with a learning disability are feeling isolated as they have been unable to see their friends and family. At Peabody, we support around 350 people with learning disabilities and the importance of friendship has never been clearer.

To celebrate Learning Disability Week we’re sharing moments we’re thankful for from our supported services during the lockdown.

Sue Allison, Head of Disabilities Services, London said: "I am incredibly proud and thankful for the resilience our customers and staff have shown over the last few months through the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been and continues to be so difficult but the innovation shown by all has been truly amazing. Every day I get to hear the most lovely stories of what everyone is doing.

Learning Disabilities Week is not just about educating the wider population; it is also about recognising and celebrating the contribution and achievements of all.”


Birthdays and VE Day celebrations sent from Sunrise Avenue in Chelmsford

Before the lockdown, we also celebrated the one-year anniversary of our supported living service for people with learning disabilities in Dingley Road, Islington, London.


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