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Our Inaugural Business Plan 2022-25 has just been published. Learn about our purpose, key activities, strategic priorities and more.

Published: 24/05/2022

This three-year Business Plan sets out an ambitious and transformational agenda for our new organisation following our recent merger with Catalyst. Bringing Catalyst and Peabody together gives the new organisation greater resilience, creating additional financial, people and information capacity.

The Plan recognises the complex and sophisticated world in which modern housing organisations operate and reflects the priorities raised by our customers. Like all sectors, housing is being disrupted as for-profit providers are establishing a growing presence in the sector.

We are also aware of the challenges from the wider operating environment, in particular the new consumer powers of the Regulator, the increasing scrutiny of the Housing Ombudsman, and media and political scrutiny on the quality and safety of homes. These external factors reinforce the need to have customers at the centre of our planning.

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