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In conversation with Sandra Skeete, CEO of Octavia Housing

Sandra Skeete

As part of Black History Month, Peabody invited Sandra Skeete, CEO of Octavia Housing and former Executive Director for Housing at Peabody to speak at one of our online events.

Published: 27/10/2023

Sandra spoke about her rise to senior executive positions within the sector, and why representation is key.

Sandra’s career in housing started in 1986, a year before the first Black History Month was celebrated in the UK.

“Black History Month is about showcasing what we do but also about what we then do after”. Sandra Skeete

In this webinar, Sandra spoke about the different roles that women balance such as the challenges of being a working mother, and knowing whether you are doing enough. In her career, she balances being the CEO of Octavis Housing, a Trustee for Leadership25 and a Board member of Place Shapers, and how her career wasn’t linear.

Listen to Sandra’s story on our YouTube channel.

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