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Blue Peter time capsule buried at Television Centre in White City

Blue Peter Time Capsule

Blue Peter presenter Mwaksy Mudenda and former Blue Peter presenter Sarah Greene joined children from Wormholt Park primary school in White City to bury a time capsule box.

Published: 21/06/2022

The time capsule was buried by developer Stanhope, construction partner Kier and affordable housing partner Peabody in a garden which will be publicly accessible just off Wood Lane, on the site where the original BBC car park once stood and will now be affordable housing as Macfarlane Place.

Ed Major, our Senior Development Manager said: “It is especially meaningful to be burying this time capsule in 2022, which marks the 160th anniversary of Peabody, the centenary of the BBC and of course the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This event brings together the history and heritage of Peabody and the BBC – two organisations who are central to London’s history and London’s future and we are excited to be working alongside Stanhope and Whitewood to bring forward a new neighbourhood allowing a new generation to create their own history at the site, as well as incorporating Blue Peter and BBC history into the development.”

Jonathan Trout, Property & Commercial Director, Stanhope, said: “Throughout the redevelopment of Television Centre we have paid respect to and integrated the unique history of the site in the work we do and have made some fantastic discoveries along the way. Finding a Blue Peter time capsule during our recent construction work to build new affordable housing gives us another opportunity to connect with the iconic nature of the site and also to continue to engage with local school children and the community.”

David McKenzie, managing director of Kier Construction London, South & Strategic Projects, said: “We are delighted to be part of this bit of history in the making and to provide the new 2022 time capsule box for future generations to discover on this iconic site. In line with our client’s vision and our Building for a Sustainable World framework, we welcome the opportunity to leave lasting sustainable legacies in the communities we serve.”

A Blue Peter time capsule from 1981 was rediscovered during the construction work at the Television Centre which was originally buried by Sarah Greene and fellow former presenters Simon Groom and Peter Duncan. The capsule was filled with items including children’s drawings about life in the 1980s, booklets on clothes, dance, games, sweets and aircraft – and also a vinyl record of the Blue Peter theme tune by musician Mike Oldfield.

The 1980s capsule was opened live on-air on ITV’s This Morning show last week, only to discover that the items had sadly been destroyed after being buried for so many years. Every effort will be taken to ensure the new time capsule is reinforced to ensure the items inside are protected for future generations. The burial site will be marked with a plaque, commemorating its place in BBC history and the history of Blue Peter.

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