Peabody Group resident

Welcome to our new organisation.

Peabody and Family Mosaic have now merged. As a result of the merger we now have 111,000 residents in 55,000 homes spread across 29 London boroughs, with over 2,000 homes in Essex, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.

About the new organisation

Our combined scale and focus will enable us to do more together than we could achieve alone to accomplish our mission: helping people make the most of their lives by providing good-quality affordable homes while working with communities and promoting wellbeing.

New Peabody Chief Executive Brendan Sarsfield said: "We will put the most vulnerable first, building as many good quality homes for low-cost rent as we possibly can. We’ll create great places where people want to live. And we will help our people achieve all that they can in their lives through wide-ranging support and community programmes."


How will this merger affect our customers?

All customers can continue to access services in the same way and will not see any immediate changes because, for now, the Family Mosaic name will continue. Over the coming months we will be working to simplify the structure of the group. We aim to complete this in April 2018 and will update this website about progress.

In the longer term, with a greater presence in communities across London and the South East, we believe our customers will benefit directly. We will be able to provide more local services and achieve better value for money when we buy systems, services and goods to run our organisation. More affordable homes and a variety of tenures will also help to meet a range of housing needs. 

We will, however, remain close to our existing communities and will work tirelessly to improve our day-to-day services, particularly repairs.

You can read much more about our mission and ambitions in our Inaugural Business Plan, 2017-2021

In the meantime, you can find out more about us. And if you need to contact us for any reason, here’s how.