Do you work with the council about housing benefit or council tax fraud?

Yes, we will work with the council to help prevent housing benefit or council tax fraud.

How often are housing benefit payments made?

Generally, housing benefit make payments every four weeks (in arrears). However there are some cases where housing benefit may make payments fortnightly.

What is an alternative payment arrangement?

If you’re having problems paying your rent from your universal credit payment, you can ask for the rent to be paid directly to Peabody as your landlord. This is known as an alternative payment arrangement.

What is the benefit cap amount?

The benefit cap amount is different depending on your personal circumstances, and on whether you live in, or outside of London.

For details on the benefit cap amount please see the Citizen's Advice website.


What is the under occupation charge or bedroom tax?

The under occupation charge is also known in the media as the ‘bedroom tax’.

It is is the reduction of Housing Benefit entitlement if you have a ‘spare bedroom’: If you have one spare bedroom your benefit will be cut by 14% and if you have two or more spare bedrooms you will lose 25%.

This charge only affects working age people and doesn’t apply to pensioners.

Each person or couple within the household will have a bedroom. Children under 16 of the same gender are expected to share. Children under 10 are expected to share even if they are of different gender.

What is universal credit?

Universal credit is a single monthly payment for people in or out of work, which merges together six working age benefits. Instead, you will get one single monthly payment, paid directly into your bank account in arrears. There is also a minimum six week wait for the first payment.

What should I do if my housing benefit claim has been cancelled, or suspended?

Please contact your local authority to find out why it has been stopped, and what you need to do to restore your housing benefit.

Then, please contact the Customer Hub on 0300 123 3456 to advise us of this suspension or cancellation of housing benefit, as it can result in your rent account falling into arrears.

Our collections team can support you and advise on any actions that need to be taken regarding your housing benefit and your rent account.

Which benefits are included in Universal Credit?

The benefits included in Universal Credit are:

Job Seekers Allowance.
Employment and Support Allowance.
Income Support.
Child Tax Credit.
Working Tax Credit.
Housing Benefit.

Food Bank

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