We want to enter into longer term energy contracts for communal areas in your building to help you save money. 

We supply the energy for all communal areas, such as stairways and outside lighting – this is paid for by you as part of your service charge. 

But with energy prices going up all the time, we want to find a better way to buy this energy so we can keep your costs down. 

Normally, when signing new energy contracts for over a year, we have to check with all residents first through a formal process. But energy prices are always changing, and by the time we finish checking with everyone, the prices may have gone up already - meaning we missed out on locking in a good rate. 

That's why we've asked for special permission from the Property Tribunal to sign new energy deals faster, without the full process of checking with residents first. This will allow us to move quickly and take advantage of good rates as soon as they're available.   

Our goal is simple - to get you the best possible value on energy for the communal areas you use.  

You'll keep getting the same energy supply but could see some savings in what you pay. 

Key documents

A copy of our application is displayed below. We will also add new documents as our application progresses, including the final decision of the Tribunal. 

Download our

Dispensation application

Download our

Directions on the application

Download our

Directions cover letter