Lots of our homes rely on gas for heating and hot water. We’ve put together some handy tips to ensure your boiler is working correctly and help minimise risks of any problems with your heating and hot water. 

How can I check if my boiler is working? 

  • Turn your thermostat to full and put the heating on to see whether your home heats up as quickly as it usually would. 
  • Check your hot water to see if it is as warm as it should be. 

What if my heating or hot water isn’t working as it should be?  

If you are experiencing any problems with your heating or hot water, it’s a good idea to follow a few simple checks before you call us: 
1) If you’ve got a prepayment meter, please check the following: 

  • You’ve got enough credit on your meter. 
  • The switches in your fuse box haven’t tripped. 
  • Other gas appliances, such as a cooker hob, are working. 

2) Have you had a power cut recently?

If yes, has your boiler timer reset itself? If it has, please try to reset your timer to the times you would like. Your instruction manual will help you with this. 
3) Check the pressure on your boiler

If it’s showing a reading of one bar or less, low pressure could be the reason your boiler isn’t working. Topping up the pressure yourself is usually straightforward – follow the steps in your boiler manual. 

4) Turn your room thermostat up

Having your room thermostat set lower than 21 degrees can stop your heating coming on. If you turn it slightly higher, your heating may turn on. 
5) Is your boiler showing a fault code, such as F.75?

If it is, try pushing the reset button. If that doesn’t work, try resetting your boiler by following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Contact us 

If you’ve followed all these simple checks and the problem still isn’t fixed, please contact us and we’ll arrange for a call out. 

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