Find out what the Stay Put Strategy means and what you should do in the unlikely event of a fire.

According to the National Fire Chiefs Council, if there's a fire in another part of the building, you're usually safer staying inside your home, unless the heat or smoke from the fire is affecting you.

This is because flats are constructed as individual compartments which are separated from the rest of the block. This is known as 'compartmentation', with each flat's walls, floors, ceilings and doors designed to provide appropriate protection. However, if there is a fire in your own flat, you should leave (see instructions below).

If you're aware of a fire elsewhere in your building and you 'stay put', you should still immediately call 999 for advice and to make sure the emergency services have been notified.

What to do if a fire breaks out inside your flat, or if you hear an alarm:

  • Make sure everyone inside is aware and immediately leaves the flat, closing the front door behind you
  • Never tackle a fire yourself - leave it to the fire and rescue service – and don’t waste time investigating what’s happened or rescuing valuables
  • If there’s smoke, keep low to the floor where the air is clearer
  • Use the escape route that you’ve practised that leads you to the ground floor and out of the building
  • If you can get to the stairwell, this should be a safe route to get out as most stairways are protected from fire, are ventilated and have fire doors. Please make sure the doors to the stairs shut behind you.
  • Do not use the lift unless it’s been agreed with us, or your care or support provider, as part of your personal evacuation plan
  • When you get outside the building, call 999 ask for the Fire Brigade, giving the building address and where the fire is
  • Do not go back inside the building until the Fire Brigade has put the fire out and they tell you it is safe to return home.

What to do if a fire breaks out in another part of the building

  • The building is designed to contain a fire in the flat where it starts, which means it will usually be safe for you to stay in your own flat
  • If smoke or heat is affecting your home, get out if it’s safe to do so, following the advice above
  • If the fire service tells you to leave, get out immediately, following the advice above.

Other important information about what to do when there’s a fire

  • Let us know about the incident by calling us on 0300 123 3456 so that we can attend as soon as possible and provide support where needed.
  • If the Fire Brigade doesn’t allow you back in, we or your local council will arrange temporary accommodation if you don’t have friends or family you can stay with.

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