Welcome to the proposals for the redevelopment of St. Ann’s Hospital, Haringey, Phase 1b and 2  

Here you can find details for the Phase 1b and 2 redevelopment of St. Ann’s Hospital.

This consultation page provides you with information on the site and the emerging plans for a high-quality, modern development that will create new homes for Haringey. 

We will be hosting two in-person drop-in events:

  • Wednesday 28 June at The Dream Centre, Tottenham Town Hall, Town Hall Approach Rd, London N15 4RY
  • Thursday 29 June at St Ann’s Church Hall, Avenue Rd, London N15 5JH

Please do come along to discuss the proposals with the project team and share your views with us.

If you are unable to attend, you can view more information about our proposals on this website, and you can tell us what you think of the plans using the online feedback form at the bottom of this page. 

The consultation window to submit feedback on the proposals will close on 21 July 2023. 

If you would like to get in touch with our consultation team to ask any questions or submit additional feedback, please contact us via email at feedback@consultation-online.co.uk or call us at 0800 298 7040.

Our proposals

Project background

Catalyst and Peabody merged to form one single organisation under the name Peabody in April 2023. Peabody will now take forward the development of St Ann’s New Neighbourhood.

The masterplan, along with the full details for the first phase to be built - phase 1a, was approved by Haringey’s Planning Committee in November 2022. We are now starting to build out this first phase and we will continue to work with residents
throughout the construction period.

This consultation will focus on Phases 1b and 2 which we are now progressing through a reserved matters application.

The basic size, shape, location and design of the buildings and landscape are already approved as part of our original planning application in 2022.

We are now looking to get all matters apart from access for Phases 1b and 2 approved, in line with the agreed outline parameter plans.

St Ann's aerial views

Summary of the existing content

The planning application that was approved in November was in two parts. Firstly, a detailed application for phase 1a that contained all the relevant information for us to proceed with building out that section of the site.

The second part of the application provided an outline consent for the remainder of the site ensuring that the following was secured for future phases:
• Maximum number of homes
• Maximum number of affordable homes
• Maximum height and position of the buildings
• Overall plan for landscaping, roads and transport

In order for us to progress the remainder of the scheme, an additional planning application called a reserved matters application will have to be submitted and approved.

This application will include details:
• Architectural details of Phase 1b and 2 buildings including materials, to be in line with approved Design Code.
• Planning layouts
• General block layouts identifying bin stores, cycle stores etc, to be in line with parameter plans and planning policies captured in the Hybrid application.
• Updated relevant technical reports, for phases 1b and 2.

It is these details for phases 1b and 2 that we are presenting and asking you to provide your views on during this consultation. Subsequent consultations will follow for the details of the remaining phases.

View of the Peace Garden

Summary of Phases 1b and 2

Phases 1b and 2 will be built following work on phase one (which includes the enlarged peace gardens). These phases contain:

  • 464 homes of which 73% will be affordable homes
  • 35 short stay cycle spaces including 31 residential and four commercial
  • 34 standard car parking spaces for the new homes, 25 wheelchair-accessible parking spaces and one loading bay
    wheelchair-accessible parking
  • Retained and enlarged Woodland SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation)

Phase one A view from St Ann's Road

Approach to landscape and ecology

A careful enhancement of existing landscape assets guides development across the whole site, informing character, providing amenity, and delivering ecological outputs within the new landscape and public realm.

In Phases 1B and 2 a new green link running north-south through the Forest Garden and Wooded Swale creates a site-wide ecological connection between the expanded Woodland SINC to the south of the site and the Peace Garden in Phase 1A.

Site-wide biodiversity is enhanced through the creation of a mosaic of different habitats and is enriched by a sustainable drainage strategy which results in rain gardens and retention basins in the south-east corner of the site.

New streets are tree lined, pedestrian and cycle friendly and animated by streetside planting and adjacent green spaces. Play spaces within semi-private courtyards are complemented by play-on-the-way within the public realm and a larger playground in the Peace Garden.

New landcape and public realm to Phases 1B&2

South west link

The new South-West Link, providing direct public access for pedestrians and cyclists to the site from Warwick Gardens was approved under the 2022 planning application, although it will not be opened
until after Phases 1B and 2 are completed.

This application includes the land around the link and the new public square. The link, a traffic-free, segregated pedestrian and cycle path, cuts directly through the SINC connecting a wide opening made in
the boundary wall, with low raking walls to improve sightlines, to the South-West Square.

Level changes result in the path being gently ramped and allow appropriate construction to ensure no damage is done to mature trees. The path is lit and both ends are always fully visible.

The Woodland SINC

The Woodland SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation) is the most important space for ecology within the site, and care will be taken
to ensure that the area remains protected and extended.

The South-West Link will disturb one part of the SINC but with the extended footprint
there will still be an overall increase of 45%.
Understorey planting will only be removed in small sections to allow for the South-West Link and where site levels need to be altered for creation of the swale feature.

With a focus on biodiversity and using only native
species, extending the SINC extension provides an opportunity to create an ecotone, from wet or dry meadow to woodland edge planting, while
also forming a buffer between the SINC and new housing. An informal path around the edge of the mature woodland allows pedestrian access,
while leaving most of the SINC undisturbed.

A low fence and gates will delineate the SINC boundary and define the space as special.

Landscape plan showing the Woodland SINC and the SW Link

New green spaces

The network of new green spaces which characterise the masterplan continues across Phases 1B and 2. The Birch Grove, centred around mature trees and providing an open space
opposite the Water Tower, is a key moment in the route across the site between the South-West Square and the Peace Garden.

The South-West Square, animated by the
ground floor commercial unit, is also defined by existing mature trees – a large Holm Oak and the backdrop of the SINC. The Wooded Swale creates a generous and distinctive linear green link, with small bridges providing connections.

Between the villas three spaces of differing character, the Forest Garden, Villa Court and Growing Hub, all provide access and a green amenity with views through to the SINC. The Forest Garden and the Villa Court both connect to the informal path within the SINC. The Growing Hub is an enclosed area for food growing which is a site-wide amenity with a tool shed and raised beds.

The Villa frontage is a linked sequence of street side planting, running from the Holm Oak in the South-West Square to a new planter and seating area in front of the Growing Hub, tying together spaces between the villas and including both
service access and play-on-the-way.

Landscape plan locating the new green spaces

Phase 1B and 2

Phase 1B and 2 comprises the southern half of the St Anns’ New Neighbourhood masterplan. Connected to nature and local amenities, proposals respond to the existing trees and heritage buildings and frame the setting of the Peace Garden, establishing a green and welcoming neighbourhood with enhancement to the existing SINC woodland.

Phase 1B and 2 will deliver 464 homes, comprising a row of three-storey terraced housing alongside the Western edge to Warwick Gardens, stepping up to apartment blocks between six to nine storeys towards the centre of the site and facing
the railway.

The vision is for a truly affordable and tenure-neutral destination embedded in the local community. This phase will deliver 73% affordable homes across a mix of tenures, as well as a new commercial space to the south-west
corner of the site, overlooking the new cycle route.

Masterplan Overview showing the Phase 1B&2 site boundary

Parameter plan requirements

The approved masterplan was supported by a series of ‘Parameter Plans’, which set the physical limits and principles for future phases of development (‘Reserved Matters Applications’).

Phase 1B and 2 proposals are in compliance with the approved Parameter Plans, with all building uses including Ground Floor and Upper Floors, in accordance with requirements.

All the proposed new buildings within Phase 1B and 2 are also designed to adhere to the maximum building line footprint and heights
set within the plot limits.

The proposals also meet requirements set for green infrastructure and access and circulation.

Design code requirements

The approved masterplan was accompanied by a
Design Code Document which provides general and specific parameters for the physical development of future phases to ensure high quality design is maintained for the built form and the landscape.

Social value

Social value

Peabody social value opportunities

As the scheme progresses Peabody’s community investment team will start to work with the community and a dedicated resource will work on the project.

Peabody has also committed to setting up a community investment fund, with an initial allocation of £100,000, which will be set up in the future.

Construction access arrangements

The New Western Access is anticipated to be completed at its earliest in Spring 2024, ahead of this construction vehicles will be using the existing St. Ann’s Hospital entrance.

Once the new vehicular accesses have been constructed the Eastern Access will be used by construction vehicles as the new site entrance. The Western Access will only be used as emergency exit.

General measures

• Restricted delivery times
• Fixed routing
• Monitoring
• Traffic management

Holding Areas
• Neighbours and Public Liaison
• Freight Safety

The New Western Access

The Eastern Access


About Hill

Hill is an award-winning, family owned and operated housebuilder with a strong track record of delivering high quality developments. Since 1999, Hill has gained an industry reputation for creating inclusive and sustainable communities that respond to their local context. Hill prides itself in building exceptional homes by bringing together contemporary design, sustainable materials, and a sympathetic approach. These high-quality developments have resulted in delighted customers with consistently positive feedback year on year.

About Peabody

Catalyst and Peabody in April 2022, merged to form one single organisation under the name Peabody. This company will take forward the development of St Ann’s New Neighbourhood. Before submitting its application, Peabody and Hill want to engage with the community and seek the views of residents in order to shape the right scheme for the people of Haringey.