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We’re committed to doing the right thing. That means caring about you and your wellbeing.

Published: 09/02/2024

So, if we haven’t heard from you in a while, we’ll contact you to ask if there’s anything we can do to help.

Everything might be fine, but we can also offer help with:

  • Support services and community projects in your area
  • Adaptions needed to make your home more comfortable
  • Referrals to social services and other agencies (such as benefits and advice)

If we do contact you, we’ll email you at the address you gave us. Make sure your contact details are up-to-date so we can get in touch (you could also do this through My Peabody). If we still don’t hear from you, your Neighbourhood Manager will visit you to check everything is okay.

We’re here whenever you need us. Visit our contact page for more information.

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