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Working together to keep your home safe and comfortable

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We're responsible for giving you and your family a safe, warm and comfortable home to live in. 

Published: 24/11/2023

Looking after your home is a joint effort, and we'll work with you to make sure everything we're responsible for is looked after as it should be. If you're unsure who is responsible for what repairs, you can find out more on our repairs and improvements page. 

How to report a repair 

If you need something repaired in your home, please report it to us as soon as possible to help us fix the fault in good time. You can do this by contacting us to request a repair. 

Gas safety  

If you rent your home, you’ll need to give us access every year to carry out a safety inspection of any gas installations or equipment we’ve installed. Shared owners and leaseholders are responsible for organising their own checks.  

Learn more about gas safety and who is responsible for what on our gas safety page. 

Checking flat front doors 

New safety regulations introduced this year mean we need to check flat front doors in all buildings over 11 metres (five storeys) every year. 

Whether you rent or own your home we must ensure your flat front door meets the latest safety standards. If you’re contacted by our contractor to arrange a visit, please allow them in or rearrange if it’s not convenient. Find out more about the importance of these checks on our fire safety page. 

Planned maintenance and improvements 

We carry out a range of improvements to our homes, buildings and estates every year, including kitchen and bathroom replacements, electrical rewiring, heating systems upgrades, redecoration of communal areas and more. 

What can I do to help? 

Surveys help us keep records on the condition of your home up-to-date and make sure we can programme any necessary improvements and upgrades to your home. 

If we contact you to arrange a survey to any areas of your home and you can't make the appointment, please contact us to rearrange a more convenient time and date.  

How can I find out about planned improvements to my home? 

We'll always contact you in advance to let you know when we need to undertake planned improvements or maintenance programmes to your home, building or estate.  

You can also contact us if you'd like to find out when any planned works are due. A member of the Asset Management team will be in touch to let you know what planned work we've scheduled for your home and building over the next five years. 

If you see something that you think may need repairing or replacing in your home or the communal areas of your building or estate, please don't wait for planned improvements. Please contact us to let us know what the issue is, and we will arrange the necessary repairs.  

Supporting you to make the most of your home 

There are lots of ways we can support you to keep your home safe and comfortable.  

If you think you need some alterations undertaken to your home to make it more accessible for you, or you'd like to make some improvements yourself, please contact us to discuss your options. 

You can find out more about aids and adaptations, home improvements, tips for checking your boiler is working and ways to avoid condensation.  

Need more support? 

We’re here to help you keep warm and save money and support you with any financial and wellbeing concerns you may have. Visit our supporting you and winter-ready pages to learn more. 

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