Solar Panels In Peabody Homes

We have been installing solar panels and batteries across 300 of our homes in London, after we received £1.68m of grant funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Published: 13/10/2022

We have also invested additional funds to install battery storage in each of the homes, enabling our customers to store the free electricity generated during the day, to be used in the evenings at no cost. The panels are expected to save our customers around £1,000 a year off, an annual saving of 224 tonnes of CO2 for all 300 homes combined.

Genta Asllanaj is one of our customers in Barnet who had the new solar panels installed“I decided to get the solar panels for my home to preserve energy, to help the environment and to save money in the cost-of-living crisis. We’re coping now, but we don’t know what’s going to happen and we’re all struggling.

“Peabody has been amazing offering us this opportunity - it happened at just the right time as the cost of living and energy prices went up. The installation was fairly easy and straightforward. The staff were very polite and professional - I’d recommend others in the Peabody community to get them as it’ll save a lot of money.”

We have partnered with Happy Energy to deliver energy saving measures such as solar panels and installing new windows and roofs, to help residents save money and create more energy efficient homes in the face of the current energy crisis.

Happy Energy is supporting Peabody to access grant funding, helping the housing association reach its goal to become net zero carbon in all their homes by 2050, in line with the government’s net zero carbon strategy.

We have also secured £735k from the first wave of the Social Housing Decarbonisation fund and we invested a further £500,000 to improve energy inefficient homes in Islington.

As part of our Sustainability Strategy 2021-24, we aim to be net zero carbon in our new and existing homes by 2050 and in our day-to-day business by 2030.

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