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Working together to create a community space

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We’ve been working with local young people and our partners Purdy and Organiclea to reinvigorate Chingford Hall Community Gardens.

Published: 19/06/2023

Purdy got the area ready and Organiclea helped our young enthusiasts to dig out a wildlife pond, plant vegetables and build a shelter. They finished the project in the June half-term break with a new compost area and polytunnel. Fantastic work, everyone. 

The team made sure nothing went to waste. They refurbished existing wooden planters to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs. Local volunteers are now growing tomatoes, runner beans, rosemary and more – delicious! 

Everyone involved in the project learnt lots of new skills as Tyler, aged 11, explains, “I painted planks of wood red, green, blue and yellow, and we also cut them to build the shelter.  

“We used the spare wood to build the frame for the blossom tree flowerbed. We had to use measuring tape to measure 170cm and cut the planks. We then made the bed around the tree and filled it up with soil." 

Well done again, everyone. All your hard work has made a difference for everyone in the local community. 

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