Grace And Corrol (1)

A group of Peabody colleagues and residents joined the special Windrush boat trip from Waterloo to Tilbury Docks on 22 June to help commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Empire Windrush arriving in the UK. 

Published: 27/07/2023

The sunny weather was perfect for this memorable trip along the river Thames taking in the London landscape and celebrating all the contributions and achievements of the Windrush generation and their descendants to the UK. 

Along with representatives from the NHS, charities, and people with Windrush connections, the group were greeted by the team at the port of Tilbury, who had recreated the original welcome area from 75 years ago.  

As one of our Peabody colleagues, Vuyo, shared, “It was clear there was a great sense of pride that went into preserving the original landing area. The windows of what would have been a processing office had been imprinted with pictures capturing the men, women and children, their arrival documents, their weddings, their service during the war.” 

They’d also displayed lots of Windrush memorabilia, including the original list of those who would have been on HMT Windrush, in the adjoining hall. After the tour, there were kettle drums and dancing for everyone to enjoy. 

Peabody residents Grace and Corrol, who joined the trip, felt how special the day was. 

“It brought back many memories from when my parents came over and the conversations they’d have with friends about the ‘big ship’.  

“When we arrived at Tilbury and walked through the old processing area full of photos of individuals and families from the Windrush generation, it made me think about how they must have felt when they first arrived and how overwhelming it would have been for them. It reminded me how their determination always motivated me to work hard and continue their legacy. Thank you, Peabody, for inviting me along. It meant a lot to be involved in the day.” Corrol, Peabody resident 

It sounds like it was a memorable day helping to remind us of the resilience of the Windrush generation and how they built new lives and communities in the face of challenges that many still face today. 

Resident Windrush reflections 
We recently asked you to join us in marking 75 years since the Windrush first arrived by sharing your stories. Thanks to everyone who contacted us about your experiences and reflections on your early life in the UK and how this impacted you and your families.  

Read some reflections from Peabody residents, Valcie and Sandra, who kindly shared their stories with us.