In October last year, we hosted an afternoon of fun and enjoyment to celebrate the opening of the new play space on the Islington Estate.

Published: 05/02/2024

We needed to remove an existing play feature at the play space, allowing us to look at how we could improve the layout and use of the entire space. These improvements also enabled us to think about other aspects, such as safety and security, supporting wildlife, areas to sit and relax and more.  

Before any work took place, we invited residents to give their input on what improvements they'd like to see and how they'd like to use the space. The new play space now features an assortment of equipment including a rope pyramid, swing and jumping discs, a wooden bridge and trail and seating. 

"We live on the estate, so we're happy to have this play space so close to us. It means we don't have to cross any roads to get to it as it's right here. It's great for the children on the way home from school – it gives them a safe place to play before it gets dark. The equipment is great, too. There's stuff for younger and older children, so there's lots to do for everyone," said an Islington Estate resident.

Play space improvement plans 

We have nearly 300 play spaces across our neighbourhoods and community centres, which we regularly inspect to ensure they're well maintained, safe to use and meet the needs of everyone who uses them.  

In 2023, we completed 25 live play projects and will undertake a similar number for 2024. Throughout the process, we work closely with residents, asking them for ideas on improving the space to impact the neighbourhood positively. 

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