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On this day in 1948, the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks in Essex, bringing new arrivals to the UK from the Caribbean.

Published: 22/06/2023

Windrush Day celebrates the contribution and achievements of the Windrush generation and their descendants. The day has come to symbolise the post-war migration to Britain from the Commonwealth that has shaped today's multi-ethnic society, celebrating the contribution and achievements of the Windrush generation and their descendants. But it also calls us to reflect on the challenges still faced today. 

Your stories

We recently asked you to join us in marking 75 years since the Windrush first arrived by sharing your stories. Thanks to everyone who contacted us about your experiences and reflections on your early life in the UK and how this impacted you and your families. 

Here are some reflections from Peabody residents, Valcie and Sandra, who kindly shared their stories with us.

"In 1968, my sister and I travelled to London to join our parents, who were part of the Windrush generation. Their stories of struggle finding accommodation and menial jobs were challenging to hear, but they inspired us with their strength. Despite the cold weather and facing name-calling at times, we held onto the cherished memories of Jamaica's sun, freedom, delicious food, and the loving presence of our grandmother. Our journey taught resilience and the importance of finding belonging."

Valcie, Peabody resident.

"During my time spent in Newmarket General Hospital in 1957, I saw a black nurse treated badly. Her kindness in tough times stayed with me. Though we couldn't connect fully, it reminded me how powerful empathy is. This memory shows that compassion can win over prejudice."

Sandra, Peabody resident.

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