Information for key workers

Applying for a home can be complicated. See the questions most commonly asked by people applying for key worker accommodation.

My household

What size property am I eligible for?

This will depend on the size of your household. You can only bid for properties suitable for the size of your household. Children included in your application must be living with you on a fulltime basis.

I am pregnant

If you’re pregnant, you’ll need you to submit a Maternity Certificate (MAT B1 form) with your application so we can include your expected child in your household size.

Joint applications: Can I apply jointly with a fellow keyworker?

You’ll need to add your colleague as an additional member of your household and both parties will need to email permission to We’ll select the earliest registration date when merging the two accounts.

Is there a priority list for specific circumstances?

Unfortunately, there’s no priority list for our key worker scheme. We allocate properties according to when applicants register. 

Securing a property

How can I bid for vacant properties?

You can bid for vacant properties every fortnight. To do this, you’ll need to log onto where you’ll be able to see all vacant properties, as well as information about rent and location. Before placing an online bid for a property, you must see it. Viewings normally take place between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

How will I know if I’ve been successful with my bid for a property?

When the cycle closes, the person who registered first will be offered the property as long as they meet the lettings criteria.

How long does it take to secure a property through the scheme?

There’s no guaranteed timescale. How long it takes depends on things like the availability of properties and the number of people interested.

Can I bid on archived properties?

No, these properties were listed on previous cycles and are no longer available. If a property’s not let, it will be advertised on our Intermediate market rent scheme.

Am I guaranteed to get the property I bid for?

No. Some properties, such as those with gardens or in a popular location, get lots of bids.  Offers will be made based on the date of registration. So to be successful, you need to have the earliest registration date, meet the lettings criteria and be able to move within the required timeframe.

How will I know that the bidding has been conducted fairly?

You’ll be able to see the result of the bidding in the next edition of Property Choice. We’ll include the registration date of the successful bid so you’ll be able see that the process has been fairly managed.

What happens if I decide to turn down an offer?

We expect anyone who bids for a property to accept the tenancy. If your bid is successful and you change your mind, your registration date will be amended to the date of the refusal. This will take away your advantage in future bidding rounds.

How long can I stay on the waiting list for?

Your registration is valid for 12 months. You’ll be notified via email when it’s due to expire. When you get the email, you’ll need to confirm that you wish to remain on the waiting list by emailing You should also notify us if there are any changes to your personal details.

If your registration has expired for more than a month, your application will be cancelled and you’ll have to re-apply for inclusion onto the scheme.

It’s very important that you email us at when any of your contact or personal details change. We can then amend our records to ensure that you can continue bidding for properties.

Property information

How much are your key worker properties?

The majority of properties included in the keyworker scheme have between one and three bedrooms. Property prices vary across the different districts and rents are set in line with the London living rent.

An average summary of our prices pcm:
- Studio - £791
- 1 bed - £890
- 2 bed - £988
- 3 bed - £1,087 
To rent a one or two-bedroom property, tenants must have a household income of less than £71,000. For three-bedroom properties, the maximum earnings are £85,000

Can I go on to purchase a property after renting?

Properties within the scheme are for rental only.