If you want to report something but are worried about confidentiality, find out more.

You can make reports anonymously if you do not give us any details that identify you.

Where we believe there is an individual at risk we are legally obliged to pass this information on the local authority, and in some instances the police. If you give us your contact details and you have indicated that you wish to make this report in confidence, we will not automatically pass your name on. If we are asked to share your details, we will normally contact you first to ask your consent to do so.

We would encourage you to share your identity with us even if you want us to keep it confidential; this is because:

  • It is useful if we need to contact you for more information; and
  • If we know who you are, it helps us ensure that we do not release any information as part of any follow up investigation that inadvertently identifies you.

Please note we will do everything we can to keep your identity confidential. However if we are compelled by law to disclose information we may not have a choice about this. Similarly if there is an urgent need to get help to an individual in danger, this may also take precedence over confidentiality.

A link to our full privacy notice can be found here.