Levi didn’t have a home to move into after being in hospital. We supported him to bid for a suitable home. 

“In hospital, I was very sick and scared about having nowhere to go once my seven-week treatment was up. I had no local connections, other than having spent a long time in the hospital. 

“But once I was referred to Peabody’s outreach service the process was easy. I was paired with a support worker, Cathy, who quite literally carried me through the whole process. She took the time to explain what was happening each step of the way.  

"She has been supporting me since the start of my homelessness experience. Not only has she sorted out my homelessness, but she also gave me good advice about other services and even personal problems. 

“From the start, it felt like I was working with someone who knew what they were doing and genuinely cared and wanted to help. She was knowledgeable, hard-working, professional and a pleasure to work with. I could always get hold of her quickly and easily. 

“I have good days and bad days with mental health, but Cathy never backed away. She was always kind, considerate and enthusiastic, even when I was being unreliable. Following her guidance, I had to get all sorts of doctor's notes and references persuading the council to take me on. 

“She also supported me through the process of contacting the housing people and even joined my first call with them. I felt reassured when Cathy recognised my housing officer. It gave me faith they knew what they were doing, as they had obviously done it many times before. 

“One day I received a call from Cathy informing me that I could now bid for properties in the borough. It was a hard process. But we did it, and it worked." 

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