When Kim was referred for our outreach service, we helped her work out which benefits she was eligible for and apply. 

“I honestly believe if it wasn't for my support worker, Lyndsey, I would have been made homeless because of my housing situation. She has been so dedicated and helpful. 

“Lyndsey really improved my financial situation. She let me know I was entitled to claim extra help like PIP. She also supported me with doing assessment forms, printing and sending documents. And she gave me lots of advice. 

“Lynsey has great experience and knowledge of various housing and benefit systems. She was patient when explaining things and guiding me. And she never made me feel stupid for not understanding. 

“She understood my mental health condition. And I never felt anxious to communicate with her or embarrassed to discuss personal matters. She always responded to me and did everything she said she would. I never needed to chase or check. 

“She was also wonderful at communicating with my landlord and the Department for Work and Pensions. 

“All this support helped me sort out my arrears. It also helped me get onto the housing options scheme as a high priority applicant. I have since been able to bid on two properties that meet my needs. None of this would have happened without Lyndsey.” 

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