John, one of our residents, moved into residential care due to alcohol-related dementia and issues with self-neglect. 

He continued to drink heavily and struggled to keep his flat clean.

Roberto, one of our support workers for the older people’s services got in touch with John’s family and a social worker to help.

Roberto worked closely with John’s family and social worker to make sure he was safe and appropriate care was provided. Roberto also connected John with a service that could provide alcohol dependency support and assess his changing needs.

Roberto also implemented practical solutions such as securing John's keys on a neck chain to prevent future loss to ensure he didn’t get locked out of his home. 

John initially found it difficult to accept his deteriorating condition and relationship with alcohol, which made this a complex situation. Unfortunately, an accident occurred where John ended up in hospital.

Throughout this whole process Roberto maintained constant communication with John and his family and supported him into living in residential care.

John has not drank alcohol since. He's living in nicer conditions, eating better, getting the care he needs, and reconnecting with his children.

Roberto embraced Peabody’s values, pulling together, by working in partnership with our anti social behaviour colleagues, social worker, John’s family and hospital staff. Roberto also kept his promise to John’s children by supporting him into care and helping with his alcohol dependency.

Need urgent help?

If you need urgent support or just want to talk to someone, you can call 116 123 at any time of day or night to speak to the Samaritans.