Arjun became disabled in an industrial accident and his life fell apart. He went through a divorce and his children turned against him.  

As he and his ex-wife continued living together, he began to experience domestic abuse. This impacted his quality of life and his mental health severely. 

Knowing he needed help, Arjun signed up for our Outreach Service.  

He was paired with a support worker, Pawel, who listened to his story. Through a series of one-to-one sessions, he helped Arjun find a way out of his situation. 

Pawel advised Arjun to ask his GP for support from a specialist mental health service. This helped him regain wellbeing, through weekly advice and counselling sessions. 

Arjun’s support worker also contacted a charity that helps individuals experiencing domestic abuse. They gave Arjun an app so he could record evidence of abusive incidents. 

Most importantly, Pawel helped Arjun move out of the toxic environment where he lived. Arjun had already done a choice-based lettings application, so Pawel contacted the local council’s housing team to inform them of Arjun’s situation and ensure his application was prioritised. Pawel also booked appointments so that Arjun could meet directly with the council during the application process. 

Soon after applying for a home, Arjun was invited to move into a one-bed bungalow. 

Due to his injury, Arjun was eligible for home adaptations. So Pawel arranged for an occupational therapist to visit his new home and make sure it was suitable. 

Now, Arjun’s life is much happier. He has peace, independence and his own home. His joy in life has been restored and he has so much more control over his life. 

Arjun said: “Bless Pawel and everyone who has helped me get to where I signed for my bungalow. I'm overcome and forever grateful for all the support from everyone who has been helping me. I met my neighbours and two of them are very nice to me already.” 

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Our outreach service is currently available in Essex, Havering, Thurrock and Tower Hamlets, where it is commissioned. Find out how to get support. 

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If you need urgent support or just want to talk to someone, you can call 116 123 at any time of day or night to speak to the Samaritans.