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We're carrying out surveys to find out what matters most to you

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Just like other housing providers, we carry out customer satisfaction surveys to find out what residents think of our services, and make improvements based on your feedback.

Published: 02/06/2023

When surveys happen

Our customer satisfaction survey takes place once a year. We randomly select residents from across Peabody to take part. We also carry out surveys after you've had contact with us, such as reporting a repair or making a call.

Who carries out the survey?

To ensure fairness, we work with The Leadership Factor (TLF), an external company. TLF has partnered with Catalyst in the past and is based in Huddersfield. When they contact you, the number will start with 01484.

Opting out

If you prefer not to be contacted for surveys, simply let us or TLF know when they call you. We respect your choice, and you won't receive future survey calls.

Thank you

We really appreciate your support in taking part in these surveys. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Please note: We will never ask for your personal bank details during the survey.

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