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Pembury Estate in Hackney welcomed back Posh Clubs for their first season after the pandemic, bringing together older members of the local community under the umbrella of glitz and glamour.

Published: 24/09/2021

Posh Clubs are a unique social initiative aimed at tackling social isolation for people over 60, giving Pembury residents the opportunity to have a good time with live music, performers and dancing accompanied by afternoon tea.

The clubs are funded by the Peabody Community Fund which supports projects and activities that are designed to improve the quality of life for Peabody residents and their local community.  

Simon Casson, producer at Duckie and one of the founders of Posh Club said: “As a company, we want to take art and theatre to places where it wouldn’t normally happen. Posh Club is a showbiz theatre, it is posh, glamorous and a great day out for older folk who really enjoy it. They get to wear their best outfit and essentially get to go to a nightclub in the daytime. 

“Pembury Posh Club is very multicultural and that is what we love about it, it represents the community and brings them together. All the young people who volunteer on the day are from Hackney and the club helps bridge the gap between the young and the old.” 

Tracey Smith, coordinator of the Posh Club said: “Everyone who comes into contact with the Posh Club, it changes their lives. It creates a sense of community and belonging and family, where everything is driven by love.” 

Mary Martin (above), a Hackney resident aged 66, said: “I love going out and socialising. I’m so pleased things have opened up again and coming to this Posh Club was a breath of fresh air. Lockdown was terrible for me being on my own as I could not see my family. Coming here today has made me feel ecstatic! It has given me a real reason to get dressed up and feel good. 

“Everyone here has been so friendly and thank you for putting this on for us. It has really helped people come together and have fun today. Tracey and all the staff are so wonderful.” 

While Doreth Adams (above), a Hackney resident aged 69, added: “I enjoy coming to the Posh Club events and I have made lots of friends.

“I love getting dressed up and this gives a good reason to do this which makes you feel great. These events are a fabulous way of meeting people we know and making new friends too. Everyone is so friendly and it is a real party atmosphere.” 

More about the Posh Club

Organised by Duckie, the founders of Posh Club, residents are encouraged to dress up their finery and are spoiled with tea and cake served via a table service. The residents who are often from retirees of service employment backgrounds like nurses, cleaners and shop workers, are served by young people who volunteer for the day, treating the residents like royalty. The clubs run throughout the year across various locations, including Hackney. 

During the height of the pandemic, the Posh Clubs had to close but the team at Duckie made every effort to keep in touch with people who would normally attend, with regular phone calls and doorstep performances to keep spirits up. They also produced their own newspaper called the ‘Posh Paper’ filled with features about the Posh Club, interviews with guests about local activities and other games.  

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