Colourful painted wall

A huge colourful wall mural has been designed by East London residents and painted onto the side of the Sundial Community Centre.

Published: 18/11/2021

Rose Hill (above), a local artist and founder of Rose Hill Designs and Co-Creative Connection, ran a series of workshops with members of the community. Over several weeks, she taught them about collaboration, pattern and design and they then all designed and painted the mural together. 

Rose explained why the mural project has been so important:
“We're not only painting a massive wall mural and making it a more cheerful and welcoming place to live. It's so much more than that! We're bringing people together, building relationships between each other and our area, facilitating the community to be creative and helping them learn, create and paint.”

Megan, who took part in the workshops, said: “I loved the project. It really impacted my mental health positively because it gave me a huge sense of belonging.” 

Ruth added: “I loved the sense of togetherness and community and achievement.” 

Sundial is a centre where people of all ages can meet friends, learn new skills and take part in activities. Our day care service for older people is also based there.  


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