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Cost of living support for Essex residents


Since the cost-of-living crisis started, Essex County Council has supported local people through a household support fund. They’ve just announced that extra financial support is available for those who need it.

Published: 04/07/2023

Anyone living in Essex can apply for this fund, including Peabody residents. 

We’re helping the council to distribute these funds through our Outreach Service, which supports several thousands of people in Essex each year. 

How to apply  

You can apply for the Essex household support fund by contacting our team. After that, we’ll get in touch to discuss your eligibility for the fund and guide you through the application process. 

If you live in Essex and would like to apply for financial support with the cost of living, please contact us: 

What other support could I get? 

We can also support you with any other housing-related issues you may be experiencing, so that you receive all the assistance you need. This could include things like: getting energy advice, applying for welfare benefits, connecting with social opportunities, managing letters and forms, and dealing with alcohol or drug issues. 

Additional support for Peabody residents

Additional support for other people in Essex