Find out more about staying safe online if you are experiencing domestic abuse.

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, it’s important to understand how some of the ways you use technology may compromise your safety. 

Deleting your browser history 

If you think your abuser might track what you are doing online, deleting your browser history is a good way to increase your privacy. 

Depending on your browser type and device, there are slightly different ways of deleting entries in your history. If you aren’t sure how to, you can find instructions on the browser’s webpage – but remember to delete this entry in your search history, too. 

Deleting your browser history on: 


Internet Explorer 






Remember, deleting your entire browser history may look suspicious, so consider deleting only the entries related to seeking support around domestic abuse. 

Here are some other tips to help you stay safe online if you’re experiencing domestic abuse:

Use a safe device

Use a device that the person you’re worried about doesn’t have access to – like a friend’s or work phone or even by using a  Safe Space near you. 

Secure your devices

Ensure you protect your devices (computers, smartphones, tablets) with passwords or PINs. 

Use private browsing 

If you use your own device to search for information or seek help online, use private browsing or incognito mode to prevent your search history from being saved. 

Be mindful of location services

Remember to disable the location services on your devices to prevent others from tracking your whereabouts. 

Review and adjust privacy settings on social media platforms to limit the sharing of location information. 

Always sign out

Remember to sign out of accounts like Google or Facebook before searching the web or on video sites like YouTube. 

Visit Safe Lives, digital and online safety and Refuge’s secure your tech to learn more.  

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