Mental Health Awareness Event- Callaloo Club 


About this event 

Join the Callaloo Club for this interactive discussion about mental health. Learn more about how your mental health can affect you and the ones you love. You’ll also explore some of the ways to look after ourselves and support others.

We’ll have refreshments, you’ll also get a chance to catch up with your friends and meet new people. Booking is not required.

Where: Paradox Community Centre, 3 Ching Way, Chingford E48YD
Date: 16th May
Time: 13:00pm – 16:00pm

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13:00 - Videos of people's experiences of mental health
13:50 - Talk on peer support and discussions on how to talk about mental health and wellbeing with others
14:30 - Activity on sharing your wisdom and knowledge about self-care and wellbeing with others
15:00 - Talk on memory and mental health and how to receive and give support
15:30 - Resources on Mental Health Services in Waltham Forest
15:45 - Mindfulness activity